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Our team is comprised of Certified Mortgage Planners who take a holistic approach to the home loan consultation and cash flow planning.

As opposed to just spitting out an interest rate and monthly payment, we believe building a relationship and understanding a client’s entire financial picture and long-term financial goals allow us to counsel, educate and build a custom mortgage planning strategy. Our goal is for every client to make confident and well-educated home buying decision.

A solo loan officer’s job ends when their clients are placed in debt.

Our team feels that our job continues well beyond the day of settlement. Through our “Mortgages Under Management” program, we proactively monitor your loan program for the entire time you’re in the home, and have quarterly and annual touch-points to keep you informed throughout entire process.

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Team Directory

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William J. Mervin, CMPS

Producing Regional Manager NMLS #313416 Certified Mortgage Planner
newtown pa mortgage

Matthew D. Auterson

Business Development Manager

newtown pa mortgage

Michael Ehly, CMPS

Senior Mortgage Planner
NMLS #1569311
Certified Mortgage Planner

newtown pa mortgage

Tracy Jenkins, CMPS

Branch Manager
NMLS #604188
Certified Mortgage Planner

newtown pa mortgage

Jackie Pages

Senior Processor

newtown pa mortgage

Eric Blatstein

Senior Processor

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