Value Assurance: Your Key to Competing With Cash Buyers

In recent years, the phrase “cash is key” has dominated the real estate market. In 2022, property data provider Attom reported that more than 36% of single-family homes and condos were cash deals. 

Are you…

Still struggling to compete against cash offers?

Worried bidding above the asking price may prevent you from qualifying for a mortgage? 

Losing out on homes after being hesitant to waive an appraisal contingency? 

There’s a way to remain competitive without sacrificing your sanity. The Value Assurance program helps put the power back in your hands when bidding on a property. 

How Does Value Assurance Work?

The Value Assurance program guarantees the value of a specific property for underwriting purposes. While an appraisal is still required, we use an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to generate data from previous home sales to create a reliable estimate of a property’s value.

Our borrowers are empowered to bid with full confidence in their financial standing and appraisal findings when Value Assurance is used in tandem with our credit approval program. We will honor the amount determined by the AVM and Value Assurance program even if the home doesn’t appraise to the projected value.

Qualifying for the Value Assurance Program

  • Loan-to-value and FICO qualifications must be met by the borrower

  • This program is only available to single-family homes and condos

  • MLS listing required

  • Conforming and High Balance loans only 

  • Subject property must meet FNMA condition requirements

  • Appraisal is still required after Value Assurance is delivered 

  • Loan may be subject to PMI* 

*Individual circumstances will determine PMI, check with your loan officer for additional details. 

Reach out to your loan officer today if you have any questions about qualifying for the Value Assurance program.

Final Remarks

The Value Assurance program is a new and effective way to beat cash offers and increase the odds of getting your bid accepted without taking on any additional financial risk. Give us a call or visit us online to determine if this exciting program is the best fit for you today.

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